Dr. Chakita Hargrove

Dr. Chakita Hargrove is a Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care Therapist, Mental Health Professional, Certified Depression Specialist, Certified Substance Abuse Therapist, and Adoption Competency Trained Clinician.  Dr. Chakita offers an array of services for children, adults, and their families who may be experiencing mental health or behavioral issues. Dr. Chakita provides Outpatient Counseling and Assessments.

Dr. Chakita’s training and experience span all age groups and a host of diverse ethnicities and cultures. Dr. Chakita has experience and training in a wide array of mental health disorders and conditions including but not limited to trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use/abuse, interpersonal conflict, relational conflict, and behavior modification. Dr. Chakita utilizes a host of therapeutic techniques and interventions, and she specializes in a variety of treatment modalities.

Dr. Chakita Hargrove is a graduate of Florida State University (BS), University of Phoenix (MS), and Capella University (PhD) respectively.