Tampa Bay Therapist & Associates features clinicians trained in Child- Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). This is an evidence-based treatment that is highly effective for parents and young children. Please see the brochure:

“I highly recommend Dr. Mac as a therapist.  He has worked over several years with my teenage son.  We came to Dr. Mac for trauma, attachment, anger, and other adoption issues.  Dr. Mac uses EMDR therapy which is extremely effective in treating trauma.  There are very few therapists that are trained and excel at using this type of therapy.
Today, my son is happy, doing well in school, and has a job.  Thank you Dr. Mac!”

“Mac is one of the best therapists in Tampa Bay area. Great listener.”

“Mac’s teaching and coaching has been a great help in my life in all aspects: career, relationships, and as a father. I was recommended to him by a friend after visiting a half dozen therapists that weren’t really helping; they just weren’t supportive.
I’ve been seeing Mac for over 5 years and no matter where I end up I will always seek him out for help and guidance. At one point I was living in Seattle and would still receive his care over skype. He is always available!
Highly recommend Mac!”

“Mr. Treadway has been the only therapist that was able to help me with my PTSD. I suffered for years and now I am able to live a normal and happy life.”